Most of us long to experience our relationship with God as a fresh and growing, life-giving stream, but how do we do that as the challenges of normal life over time can wear on us and our faith practices? Also sometimes our ways of praying and connecting with God that worked so well for us in the past are no longer available to us or somehow feel "less potent." How can we reconnect and receive deeply in this season from the God who loves us and also be encouraged by one another as women on our own journeys with God? "Wellspring" is a spiritual direction retreat that we've designed with these questions and hopes in mind. To register and find out logistical details, go here. Hope you can join us!

grace Schmelzer

Grace Schmelzer grew up in Houston, Texas and as a child used to pray every night for God to help her grow in her faith. That prayer began to be answered later in college at Stanford when she got involved with a vibrant Christian fellowship group on campus. After graduating, she moved to inner city San Francisco to join in with a team doing kids' ministry and church planting among the large S.E. Asian refugee community living there.

In 1995, Grace & her husband Dave moved to Cambridge, MA to help plant a church there.  Grace particularly enjoyed helping lead SEEK classes and developing the church's International Initiatives & overseas partnerships - including launching a long-term team to the Middle East in 2008.

In 2012, Grace & Dave began to sense God inviting them to move to L.A. to try to offer what they'd been learning in Cambridge to a wider audience. That next year, they & their five kids made the big move cross-country, and the Blue Ocean church network was formed as well. 

These days in L.A., Grace and Dave are working with a team experimenting with new "forms" for church - they're currently starting home-based spiritual direction groups - practicing meditation, centering prayer & faith. Grace is delighted to be able to come to Wisconsin with you all for this retreat together!


Christina Roberts grew up attending a Greek Orthodox church, surrounded by icons, incense, candles, and chanting.  In her late teens and twenties her fascination with prayer led her to a six month internship studying/practicing prayer and eventually traveling to North Africa during Ramadan to parallel prayer from Christian and Muslim perspectives.  

In 2005, Christina found herself in seminary learning about monastic movements and decided to try her first 24 hour silent retreat.  Challenged and inspired, she began a deep dive to learn all she could about the intersection of ancient and modern monastic living.

In more recent years Christina studied Benedictine Spirituality at Holy Wisdom Monastery where she serves as an oblate and leads spiritual formation retreats.  She pastors Foundry414 church and lives in Madison, WI with her husband and 3 kids.