what to expect


Before our 10:30 service, connect with others in the foundry414 church community, and enjoy free coffee and bagels.


We begin our church service with one of our pastors teaching from the Bible, giving special attention to helping you apply the Bible in daily life.


We like to spend time as a community worshipping God through music. Our musicians will lead us in a time of worshipping God. We offer a variety of styles of worship to include those from a non-denominational background, liturgical church background as well as no previous church experience. We usually sing for about 20 minutes. Feel free to sing along or simply listen to the music and have that be a time of personal reflection.


At the end of each service, we have community members on our prayer team who offer prayer for anyone in need. We believe that God is real and that He wants to help all of us with our problems. 


We would love to get to know you better! Stick around and spend some time getting to know people from church.