SEEK is a free 10-week class for those who are searching or questioning spirituality. It explores different topics of spirituality and faith and how they relate to Jesus. Seek classes are written by a former atheist, Dave Schmelzer.

Dave chronicles his journey from atheism to faith in his book, Not The Religious Type. No matter what your background, we think you will find the Seek class relevant and engaging in discussing spiritual questions. Each evening includes dessert, a thought-provoking talk, and a relaxed group discussion. We understand that people are searching and questioning faith at different stages of life, so we try to connect you with a like minded group of people. Check out the videos page below for the Seek promo video, and a few examples of Seek sessions.


  • Why Consider Faith in Jesus?
  • What's So Important About Jesus?
  • How Can My Prayers Have Power?
  • How Can I Get the Best Stuff from the Bible?
  • Can I Expect God to Guide Me?
  • Does God do Miracles Today?
  • Holy Spirit Day
  • What About Evil?
  • Why Community?
  • I'd Love to Talk About this Stuff, But How?
  • On the Road to Your Impossibly Great Life.

We strive to create an environment where people feel free to share about their personal experiences relating to spirituality and life with a community of others. We hope we can be part of your spritual journey through our SEEK classes. For SEEK times and locations, email