Giving can be fun when we know we are part of making something great happen. At the same time, money can be a source of anxiety. We can wonder, is this a good time for me to give? What is the right amount to give? Is it really worth it? Will I be judged by what I give?

In the past, some of us may have felt pressured into giving to churches or other organizations. At Foundry 414 church, we believe that financial partnership with our community can be a life-giving opportunity, and we hope that everyone who comes here feels complete freedom to embrace that opportunity however God leads. One model that members of our community have found helpful is to ask God how, and how much, to give. Many of us find that, in having this conversation with God, he takes away our fears about money—often in surprising ways.


There are a variety of ways we accept donations. Some of our members give as part of their worship on Sundays. Others automate regular giving through their bank. We also have an online giving option where you can set up payments from your debit card.  Our board provides financial oversight to the church and all donations are tax-deductible.

We appreciate your support.  Thank you!