We've found that discovering and growing in Jesus is best done in community.  We offer a variety of groups to help you connect with others and grow in your faith. 

  • Women's prayer Group

    Led by Liz Kravitz, hosted by AJ Jonson

    Meets every Thursday at 7:00pm, starting on September 27th.

    Let's meet up every week to pray together!  This group will mostly be focused on personal prayer, and will be a safe place to process through life's up's and down's, while inviting Jesus into those things through community.  

    A little about Liz -- She is a proud Bostonian and is on her second tour of Madison.  She moved here 6 years ago to intern at foundry414 church, then moved to sunny California with her now husband!  They joyfully came back to open arms in Madison this summer and bought a house on the East side.  Liz works in non-profit education, helping high school students prepare for their future.  Although injured, she is working hard to get back to running (her favorite thing!) and enjoys people, spending time with her husband Cody, and puppy, Bert.  

  • Social Justice group

    Led and hosted by Melissa Bennett

    Meets on the second Sunday of each month at 5pm for a potluck dinner, followed by a short devotion and discussion. Children are welcome. 

    We are a group of people who care about issues of injustice and inequality in our community and know that God does too. We meet and discuss these issues, supporting each other through the lamenting process and encouraging each other to keep a hopeful, empowered perspective knowing that God is powerful and cares for all. We work to effect change in our community through supporting Give Back Sundays and encouraging each other in our own individual pursuits. If you are interested in joining the group or just want more info, email us at

  • East Side Prayer Practices Group

    Led and hosted by Sydney and Alex Mikulas

    Anyone is welcome to join this group that meets Thursday evening at 7 PM for 6 weeks on the East side. There will be snacks and time set aside for various prayer practices and discussion. 

    This group is intended for those who want to explore different types of prayer and prayer practice that can then be integrated into your daily routine or provide some variety to your current prayer/spiritual practice. We will cover centering prayer practice, prayer through art, daily prayer call and response, and other ways to connect spiritually.   


  • Whiskey & the word

    Led by Neil Salyapongse

    This group meets at a local pub each month to talk about literature, theology or musical pieces. The date and location change each month. If you are interested in attending, email us at, so that we can add you to the email list of upcoming meeting times and dates.

  • The impromptu hangout group

    Ever find yourself in a moment where you unexpectedly have a free night and don't want to sit home alone? Join our impromptu hangout group ! We have a group setup in the GroupMe app (available for both IOS an Android users) for such occasions. It's a no pressure group, which will allow connection and community. If you are wanting to see if anyone is available to grab a last minute beer or coffee, just send a message out to the group to see if anyone is available. To join the group, scan the QR code, or send an email to to receive a text invite!

  • Book clubbing

    Book Clubbing is a completely casual book discussion.  Our book club is inclusive and non-discriminatory. There is no need to read the book to join!  Along with our discussion, we will have decaf coffee, tea, wine, and desserts.

    Margaret Szczykuwoticz and AJ Johnson are co-leading this co-ed book discussion. All are welcome. Bimonthly meetings will be held at the Johnson residence.

    The first meeting will be on Wednesday, October 24, from 7:00-8:30. Our initial  book discussion is Howards End by E.M. Forster.  If you do not own a copy, Madison Public Library has plenty of copies.  They also have several copies of the movie.

    Future books will be chosen by the Book Clubbing group.

  • Women's Brunch Club

    Let's brunch! We'll meet up after our service on the third Sunday of every month to check out a local brunch hot spot. Each month we'll try something new. If you're interested in joining us, talk to Alicia Kim or email us at