BLUe ocean FAITH

Our church is part of Blue Ocean Faith, which promotes a conversation about meaning, faith, and culture, and helps churches following Jesus connect with an increasingly secularized and pluralistic world. Our goal is to help both secular and spiritual people find, in their current contexts, a deep and profound connection with faith and the world around them. 

Blue Ocean Churches exist within the historic Christian tradition and so, like the vast majority of churches and people who have ever tried to follow Jesus, we believe in the Nicene Creed. Along with that, we’ve put some time into considering six theological distinctives that we think encapsulate a good deal of what we have to offer congregants who join us and the communities around us.

Also, while Blue Ocean has become a network of churches, its history was as a conversation about the deepest things in life among both churchgoers and non-churchgoers. Check out our Perspectives, which detail some talking points that we’ve found generative with our friends who don’t attend churches.