We've found that discovering and growing in Jesus is best done in community.  We offer a variety of groups to help you connect with others and grow in your faith. 

  • Monday night Virtual group

    Meets on Mondays at 8:30pm central time through April 30th.

    Led by Sid Raju

    In this group, we will explore the idea of coexistence between religion and science as well as religion and atheism. In each session we will discuss a short assigned passage from a theologian, modern atheist, or philosopher. The readings aren't meant to help us figure out who is right and who is wrong, but more to push us to think critically about faith and rationality. Email for more details.

    About Sid: I currently live in San Francisco, just 4 miles south of the Golden Gate Bridge. By day I research gene therapies in an Immunology lab at UCSF, and by night I search for free food. A fun fact about me is that I have lived in virtually every major region of the United States and have never been in any place for longer than four years. I also really like ice cream sandwiches.

  • east side group- thursday

    Thursdays at 7:00

    Let by: Jared Urban

    Hosted by: Daniel & Carolyn Wilson

    This group will do a study on The Call of God for our lives. We'll read an ebook with short, daily passages to read and reflect on throughout the week, and then we'll come together to discuss each week. Anyone is welcome to join us! The ebook is free and can be emailed to you.  We meet on the East Side of Madison (near Tenney Park) every Thursday night at 7:00.


    About Jared: I like to spend time outside fishing, hiking, or gardening. I grew up on a farm and have never officially lived in a town larger than 25,000 people (although I live a block from Madison). I have learned to enjoy the benefits of living in the Madison area (the variety of food, people, sports, music, etc.).  

  • Social Justice group

    Led and hosted by Melissa Bennett

    Meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm

    This group is for those that would like to affect change on some of the systemic injustices that plague our society. We believe that working individually we can make some change, but working together we can make greater changes. In order to work toward this goal of affecting change, we would like to meet once a month to: discuss issues of justice, discuss what kinds of changes we would like to see in our community or world, encouraging and praying for each other, sharing the progress and struggles of our individual work, and working toward a common goal which will be decided by the group. Melissa will guide this group and it will meet in her home every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. Please join us in making change.

  • Ladies sunday brunch Club

    Join us for some brunch after church on the third Sundays of every month. We'll check out a different restaurant each month and enjoy food and conversation together. Talk to Jemma Sepich if you are interested in attending and want to know where we'll be meeting, or email us at

  • experimental art group

    Meets on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 - 11:30am.

    Led and hosted by Melissa Bennett on the southwest side of town.

    Meet up at the home of Melissa Bennett for a relaxing Saturday morning exploring creativity together. Melissa will choose a medium and have some supplies available for use, but feel free to bring a project you've been wanting to work on, or a vision you'd like to pursue. We'll have coffee and tea, and maybe even a treat if Melissa is feeling inspired! Email us at for directions.

    A little about Melissa: Melissa moved to Madison three years ago with her family and has enjoyed becoming part of the foundry414 church community and making Madison home. She is a teacher at a montessori school and has a preschool age daughter. She loves gluten free baking and making new friends.

  • Wellness wednesdays

    One of our core values is holistic worship and this fall we are setting aside Wednesdays as a day of the week to grow in this area.  Christina shared a talk about this idea if you want to listen and hear more.


    Wondering where all of your money is going but to overwhelmed to sit down and figure out a budget? Ben is here to help! Ben Brintlinger has coordinated several of our financial peace university classes throughout the years and his fresh insight on budgeting, saving and paying off debt might just be the help you need to get into better financial health.  Everything shared with Ben during a financial checkup session will be kept in confidence.

    Talk to Ben directly to setup a time to meet or email us at


    Are you looking for the “perfect day” to clean out that closet, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task?  AJ is here to offer a helping hand, and will happily assist you by offering the following services:

    • Provide a safe and non-judging approach to establishing order in your closet

    • Analyze and evaluate the goal(s) you want to accomplish in bringing order to your closet

    • Personalize the approach for bringing order to your space

    • Follow up on maintenance (if necessary)

    Contact AJ Johnson if you are interested in help with cleaning out your closets. 


    Relax your body and mind while connecting with Jesus through Yoga. We'll meet at foundry414 every Wednesday at  5:45pm. Lennea Rylander and Jemma Sepich will alternate in leading sessions. All skills levels, from pro to beginner are welcome! Please bring a Yoga mat with you. Email us at for questions or more details!


    Care for your body with a relaxing massage! Jacqueline Winters, licensed massage therapist, will be offering massages at a discounted rate throughout the fall months. Appointments must be scheduled in advance. Talk to Jacqueline, or email us at to find out more!